Maine Coon Cat Video – Big Maine Coon vs Little Dog

Title: Maine Coon Cat Video – Big Maine Coon vs Little Dog
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Short clip where we can see a “fight” between a Big Maine Coon and a Little Dog. Don’t worry there is no blood and no one gets harm in the encounter 🙂 Enjoy!

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Playful, pleasant, intellectual and charming those are the words for I can introduce you Maine Coon. Their surprising character and the amazing size for house cats will draw your attention during the same moment as you will see them. Maine Coons love people, they will follow you everywhere, they become your irreplaceable “assistants” (and “to help” you they are ready all day long and absolutely in all your undertakings). They feeling the owner – not usual desire to something to ask, something to achieve from you, they become your partner, your true and devoted friend.

♦ Maine Coon Myths or Reality?

Maine Coon is the largest household cat in the world, well known in USA (country of origin), in Europe and now becomes more and more popular in Russia.

If you came to cat show you always could see a huge line of visitors, and they look at something special, you should know, it is Maine Coon they are watching!

Wild nature charm, nobility, stern glance of a real forest cat, huge size, all Maine Coon appearance is magical, he could bewitch you, he makes you freeze in silent delight, and makes visitors who have seen Maine Coon come to cat shows again and again, standing and looking at him with never ending tender, he makes them to adore him, try to touch him, also if they are lucky and Maine Coon owner could trust them this magical treasure they can hold him tight to feel soft fluffy coat they went away and then turn back again. All of them feel something like fever Maine Coon mania, and then this feeling could grows into clear perception: Maine Coon is the only one cat they need and they can’t live without him

The popularity of Maine Coon, paucity, high prices for kittens, professional information deficit, all of this makes Maine Coon myths, legends and hearsays about their appearance, character, and surely, about their size and weight! Often this information (even if it unconfirmed) we can hear from the radio, see on TV, read in newspapers, and the most sadly that sometimes breeders of Maine Coon extends that myths just for rush and high demand for kittens.

That is why we decided to start from things Maine Coon will never be:

– Maine Coon is NOT a child of raccoon and wild cat
– Maine Coon is NOT a lynx subspecies
– Maine Coon and Cane Cat is NOT the same
– Maine Coon will never be weigh 25-30 kg.
– Maine Coon has NO aggressive or angry character and his owners will have no chance to buy a predator.
– Maine Coon is JUST A CAT and he could NOT guard your house instead of dog.
– Wild Maine Coons will never be running through USA forests and fields

So now we have to return a verdict: Who is Maine Coon? Where he came from? What character he has in reality?

Maine Coon cat used to live in farms to fight with great amount of rodents.
This is the first cat who was introduced on USA Cat Show in the end of XIX century. And this is the time when official Maine Coon story has begun. The earlier chronicles is a real mystery.

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Klaus Gieg says:

Lol … very dramatic.

ginrin says:

good luck doing that to a maine coon thats agressive and not castrated, your dog wil have no Eyes left

aru meerah says:

super cute!! XD

Djniraken Vega says:

avengers assemble!

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