Cat Jumps Out of a Box to Scare the Dog

In this hilarious video, a dog investigates a cardboard box and is shocked when a cat jumps out at him.


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BasiltheBatlord377 says:

What is the name of the song used at the end?

scathaguardian says:

I have had four cats and they LOVE to play in boxes.  The problem is that they had the top completely close.  The cat could smell the dog, it would had jump out at it anyway, but they had the box too closed at the top.  And then, of course, was the damn kid laughing in the background.  That probably made the cat upset and wanted out of the box and the room and away of kid, not the dog.

James Palmer says:

the internet totally fucked this video up by mis-listing this as
"sneaky cat" oh well then the cat got in the box and masterfully folded the boxtop up and scared the dog by surprise? TOTALLY FUCKING PISSED ME OFF

cory powell says:

The kid is very annoying

Uriel de Vries (Anhrak) says:

There is no fun in extremely scared or pissed off animals.

Cassie Ward says:

I'm not going to judge anyone

Janise & Guigo says:

this why i hate dogs

Petrova Fire says:

Did anyone else think the child was in the box? 😂😂😂😂😂

DeadlyRamon says:

It's cool that the cat happened to be facing the same direction as the dog when it burst through the top of the box.

Jimmy Fromm says:

That dog looks like a boxer and pitbull

Lynne Smith says:

'Aminal Abuse'???? Please tell thats a joke. Cats LOVE boxes!!!!!

John Galt says:

That is abuse to the cat, in case you're too stupid to know.

lalaheaven says:

The stuff animals have to do to keep their owners entertained…. I'd like to shut the owners in a box and present it to a wild lion. I'm sure the lion would like it very much if you jumped out and scared it.

lola bigcups says:

That baby laughing was the best part!

Ryan Jones says:

That was funny.  The dog definitely was not expecting that.

Paid Mason says:

Flagged for Animal Abuse and Terrorism to Animals.

Mei-Xing Pen says:

Not funny. The cat was scared, stuffed into a box that was clearly shut by a human. Everyone sitting around it and laughing; making it obvious that it was planned. The puppy was jsut curious and could have gotten some serious injuries tot he face or worse, the eyes. Horrible owners.

Learn Computer Science says:


Mikey Hoje says:


rmsolympic1 says:

I imagine the cat thinking, I can't never do NOTHIN' wit out dat fool dog show up. Make me sick!

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