Cat And Bulldog || Funny Videos Compilation


I'm On Your Roof says:

1st video, the cat says you will have a bath and you will LIKE it.

Scott Lawrence says:

3:23 cat is a masseuse

Thanhnguyet Vo says:

Super cute!

Simon Chang says:

so cute..

alohalejo 360 says:

2:44 bulldog be lookin like hitler

Fátima Marques says:

Muito lindo.

Tracey Smith says:

Or they making out?

Corrine Pearson says:

Thank you for showing us your beautiful. Babies love you for showing

Dat Elf says:

Ha ha the cats massaging the dog @ 3:11

MediaWatchDawg says:

See what happens with same-sex marriage?

Katwere James says:

Nope, the first cat wanted too suffocate the poor dog, like what cats do

charadeyouareha says:

that one cat's like i'm gonna make these biscuits ok

Monica Mills says:

These videos are wonderful to watch anytime but especially today unwell and in bed and they have soothed relaxed and cheered me so much Thank you for taking the time to produce these heart warming scenes …….

Office Email says:

So adorable, especially the one with the Siamese kitten running back and forth across the couch back and the dog trying to catch it, LOL!

Anna-Marie/Rogue Darkholme-Stark™ says:

So cute!!

Dymeczka says:

That's why I have dogs and cats :))

obiektywemLibby says:

sweet :)

pause the game says:

those cats at the end

they being like they want to eat those doggies ! 

Hope A. says:

💕😋awww, that's so cute 💞

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