Silly Pet Meme Video Compilation 2016

From topics covering exercise to caffeine, there is a funny pet meme for everything.

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Original Links:
Cat Refuses to Walk while Wearing Harness
Pet Pig Makes Weird Eating Noises
Dog Escapes From Kitchen
Cat Freaks Out (Part 2)
Crazy Squirrel Licks Window
Baby Sloth Yawns on Command
Cat Rips Apart Toilet Paper
Bird Confused by Toy Version of Self
Snow Bengal Kitten and Labrador Pup Become Friends
Cat Intensely Watches Slayer Concert
Pomeranian Dog Loves Watermelon
Chipmunks Stuff as Many Nuts into their Mouths as Possible
Kitty Dances in Her Sleep on Car Dashboard
Crazy Cockatoo Can’t Stop Laughing


PrometeusH says:

Patty's Day? never heard of it, who is Patty, is she cute? :3

liam ward says:


Jordan Allen says:

I didn't laugh until that last one.

Biscuit Buddies says:

None of these memes were funny

Typical Jack says:


Now that's how you lick pussy.

Mary Rosales says:

great video

SuperSamiCake says:

moar memes!

MiyuEmi says:

Cats are so passive aggressive when it comes to harnesses.  Ours loves his because it means outside on the balcony.

Ethen Bradburry says:


David Erskine says:

Those captions make this video far worse than it is

Laura Rodriguez says:


WolfGaming says:

So… Fucking… Cringe…

FunnyVideos de Risa says:

that pig so cute 😎

Lady Arisu says:

Still hate the video with the cat always falling down because of the leash. Cats wag their tails when they are angry or stressed and she was. I can't see what's funny about that. And the dog with painted nails… That's just… Disgusting…
But the others are funny 😀 I love the little Sloth

Shoulder Cookie says:

I'm not that big a fan of these "meme" video things.

Bio Breach says:

These meme videos are literally the most cringy thing ever

Denise Sayer says:

Hi Pet Collective !! I hope your having a great Sunday.Thanks for the video !! So many cute pets !! Lol from Denise your No1fan in the UK.🐖🐱🐥🐶😊✌❤

Mistic says:

animal abuse.

babserella2778 says:


Otatop The Potato says:

Your cute (but a bit stupid)cat is destroying you toilet paper roll, what do you do ?
a)Tell the cat to stop
b)Film a video

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