Dog in Brazil dancing to the beat


Chihuahua Girl!!! says:

That dogs not dancing he's got an itchy ass and he's trying to scratch it

Name says:

Omg the Mario and luigi superstar saga battle them with this

Bha says:


Ivan Previlon says:

when I'm down I just watch this video and life's great again :-]

Rob Johnson says:

Internet: "That dog's dancing!" Reality: "Dog has worms."

sommi says:

This little thief kid and this shit dog can both die in a fire and burn in hell forever. Fuck him and his dry cracked feet for being a stealing scum faggot bastard child.

Trisha Echeverria says:

I watch this everyday puts a huge smile on my face! I love him!!!

Witzelsucht Haha says:

It turns out he has intestinal worms and has the shits

Proplection says:

damn son, he got the moves!

Brett Graham says:

how did I end up here

leanne sanchez says:

Blooming love that dog and kid.Love the interaction,the dog's rhythm and that music! Fave video of the day! x

Javier Nesta says:

One of my favorite videos today. Especially with that Rhythm

cyan700 says:

Yeeeees! That's feeling the music!

Fuzzy Games365 says:

Lucio play of the game

Nour Alislam says:

what a crazy dog hahaha love it !! a pro dancer this dog 😂

Hugo Guillén says:

This ain't salsa by the way, and it's not the original audio.

William Johnson says:

Love this. What a talented dog!! Terri Johnson

Something Productions says:

These two were very excited about Fluffy Maple Puff Puffs grand opening this weekend!

Danilo Geerman says:

Why they change the music???????

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