How a little microchip changed this dog’s life!!! Please share this important video.

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Martha Pena says:

I was crying about 12:59 in the morning 🐶

Martha Pena says:


Martha Pena says:


Eva Cortez says:


Thatonenoobkiller says:

If this was my old dog, I'm going to shove poop in the owners mouth. I had to sold my old dog

Landon West says:


halbertoo20122 says:

What a wonderful and lovely video!!!

NYManChild says:

Wasn't obvious she loved her owner :)

Tanya Kumar says:

youre an angel

Ben Simon says:

I will never get sick of these videos, it is so satisfying watching the dogs few weeks after you took them

PsychicArtillery says:

Wow 1mil subs I was here since Eldad Hagar was the name of this channel like wow congrats

jonathan abadano says:

get a filipino dog because some more dogs live inside and that made me happy at the end😉☺😀

tony lennon says:

What dog breed was it? It kinda looked like a chihuahua

TyranizardEX Pikazard says:

pls adopt it it's so cute and it needs a nice owner like you

FailBoat FanGirl says:

these videos make me so happy and sad

Richard Inks says:

Whenever I see videos like this I always wonder who the cold hearted asshats who dislike the video are.

Hamster TV says:

angel :D

Daphne Love says:


Maria Ramirez says:

so sad 😢😢😢😣😣

the awesome cake says:

i almost cried

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