Dog Rescue Before And After Videos: Amazing Dog Rescue Transformation


Phương Trà says:

god bless for u, goodluck baby

Yvone says:


Rahul Gaur says:

this video belongs to animal aid India

Isabel Orellana says:

A estas personas ahueque no las conozco los AMO Y LOS admiro mucho 😻😻😻😻😻

Cynthia Hawkins says:

With only the most primitive equipmentl and not much else in the way of 'high tech', another devoted, loving rescue group work wonders somewhere in the world. I lovingly salute you all.

Chou Tingkuei says:

I Salute kind animal rescuer.
Keep up the good work.

Letlamb says:

Ok but wouldn't it be safer for humans and animals if some of these dogs were tranquilized, like the one with the arrow in her head?

Diane Vessels says:

Thank you for the rescue. These animals are truly blessed to have you to help them.

Meggie says:

Such a nice thing to do. I pray that very good things happen to you guys in the future.. 💕

Christina Okeefe says:

if only we could fine all the pricks who do this to those poor dogs and do it to them.they might learn there lesson. i hope you good people can save them all.the dog is the only animal god gave his name backwards spell god.

Sindy Lebron says:

God Bless you.

Bianca Zen says:

voi siete gli angeli mandati sulla terra…l'infame è stato mandato da satana..grazie

Moon Beam says:

Someone tied wire round her leg so it would fall off. Probably kids.

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