Funny Puppies And Cute Puppy Videos Compilation 2016 [BEST OF]

Check out these cute puppies in this compilation of funny puppy videos. Puppies are the cutest. Pug puppies, bulldog puppies, labrador puppies, and more, they are all very adorable and also funny.


Audrey T says:

Got 2 baby guinea pigs recently they make me so happy omg !! My first video is about my piggies 'fighting' (not really) over lettuce haha, hope it makes your day if you watch it :)

Achmad Faisal says:

0:10 happiest man in the world.. <3

Annabella Kearney says:

OMG so cute!!!

The Gray's Gaming says:

The first one i was so jealous 😩🔪

TrueDreams13 says:

Honestly, at 4:12 at first I thought the puppy was a goat before I saw the face Lol

Terima Fasala says:

After watching this video which pet would u prefer to get:
A kitten or a puppy? And why?
I'm tryin to buy a pet but don't know which

foofy girl says:

who else came because of the thumbnail

Ron Brooker says:

So cute!!!!

Semaj Hayes says:

at the end was that my science teacher 0_0

Ben D Gam3r says:

horrible music

Claire Parker-Taylor says:

Omg a Javanese pup I have one of those he is called Oscar now I'm tuna spam …………. . . . . . Lol I love the pup on the turtle

IraGamerGirl YT says:

so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Janeth Rodriguez says:

8:35 describes me when I'm lazzy

AwesomeLps Tuber says:


Casey Bea says:

8:38 my grades after final exam

Boss Terminator says:


Neko Purr says:

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! explodes and dies of cuteness overload 😄😑

Cookiegirllps says:

I am in heaven right now.

gerry3x says:

At 0:52 I lost it. hahahahaha

Sprinkles Theditty says:

That is so cute :3

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