Husky talking back to his owners

husky talks back to his owners

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Ricky Allen says:

that husky is smart whats your secrate

A Brothers says:

my huskey says mommy

Myneighborwolf says:

tsk hahah

Chloe glenn says:

love this husky

puppylover13 1 fan says:

so funny

Azahara Jorgge says:

I can't stop laughing😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Martha Love says:

Is that Meghan McCarthy??

TashTag says:

My dog went crazy when this came on😂 I'll post a video on Twitter

Hannah Franczyk says:


Maddy Quinn says:

lol I love you yea yea I love all the vids you guys post your awesome

Micca Marzan says:

JOEY i love your videos and really like them and i hope you make more cool video's pls replie back pls pls!

Nat Collat says:

This is so cute and hilarious I love steel so much… and you too meghan…and joey hehe

Crystal Guadarrama says:

That so cute

Kiah Bynes says:

I had a laugh attack and I think he cried at the end😂😢

Halley Dipp says:

How are they making him bark back like that- it's not normal.

Theodorah hills says:

haha he said HA iam out its very funny i love huskys

Boss2119 • says:

Did Steel die?

Bersych Hunter says:

your husky is like a teenager

Kyle Carbary says:

Who got steel drunk this time?

ashley B says:

1000th like

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