FARTING Dog! FUNNY FAIL Toy Review by Mike Mozart and Funny Coco Puff of JeepersMedia

Farting Dog! “Fail Toy Review! Dogs are Smarter than Mike Mozart! And Today’s Funny Fail Toy Video Review is of the Funny Farting Digger Dog Gemmy Toy. This Farting in Public Fail Toy Review is by Mike Mozart of the Funniest Video Channel JeepersMedia on YouTube. Coco Puff the Official Puppy Mascot of Jeepers Media Also appears in this Funny Review Video!


• What kind of Dog do you have?

• What kind of Dog do you WISH you had if you Don’t have a Dog or Puppy Now?

Funny Dog Toy Product Video Review of Digger Dog. A fun Electronic toy of a Jack Russell Terrier digging a hole in a yard or garden.

This bizarre and Amazing FUNNY robotic animated Dog toy is Reviewed by Mike Mozart the Toy and Product Review Guru of Jeepers Media of JeepersMedia bringing you the Coolest Products and Gadgets from Yesterday and Toy!

This cool romobotic dog toy is Motion and Sound activated and is Made by Gemmy, the Singing Fish Plaque Company.

It retails for $29.99 but is cheaper on Ebay and Amazon.com. I bought the Official JeepersMedia sample at Spencer’s Gifts store and Most USA Malls. Coco Puff, Cocoa Puff, Cocco Puff The Official JeepersMedia on You Tube Cute Puppy Mascot is the Guest Reviewer!


Justin Vickers says:

My dog is a Lasha Apso! :)

Antara Ibnath_Adommie says:

Coco puff was one of the cutest dog in the world😥😢😭

Fiamma Animare says:

We have Yorkshire Terrier and Brown Lab
oh… and a mix of many dogs in one.

Eleani Ochoa says:

MyS. A. Cat🐱🎩😺

Random Creations! says:

I have a shih tzu! 😬

TheReal QueenKC says:

At my house a beshon freeshey. French. And a lasaopsue. My dad has six pit bulls and a bull dog though such sweet hearts.

HopeLia says:

I don't have A dog, I have more than 12 (I can't count how many anymore. I have a lot.) They're Maltese and each of them have different attitudes, so some would probably play with that toy, some would probably ignore it, or some will probably pee on it (believe me, one of my dogs would pee on anything, may it be a wall, an object, another dog, or even a human).

Izzy Studio says:

colie cross husky

...:::JessieLikestoDrawStuff::... says:

Mine is a boxer and he would go crazy with that toy, he would bark at it probably lol

Harambe says:

I have a dog and it's a Husky (it's my grandparents but I like to call her mine) cx But I'm a cat person 100%- so right when I move in a year in getting a kitty.

Martin Gamez says:

coco puff is a cute girl

John Cohagen says:

I have a 2 cats and 1 dog. Both cats are adorable in 30 ways

John Cohagen says:

I have a 2 cats and 1 dog. Both cats are adorable in 30 ways!

Sharon Fast says:


Beylan Wimsatt says:

I have five dogs; two chihuahuas, a jack chi, a beagle, and a yorkie. Also hVe three hamsters and six cats and an aquarium.

clan of boys 2500 says:

I have a Australian sheperd named cally

Rachael Crow says:

i love her

Rachael Crow says:

i have a lab and golden retrever mixed girl puppy named roxy

Christine Crawford says:

I have two Shih-tzus, Bella and Dolly. :)

Devin Krieger says:

I have a 5 year old labrodoodle and he is super lazy

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