Crazy Cat Attacks Dog – Very angry Cat !!!


Boring_Channel 03 says:

Stupid cats think they can do whatever they want. The poor dogs need someone to help them.

prince Roy says:

dogs are loving ,cats are badass

pat cochrane says:

I love cats but alot of these ones are douche bags

pandasheep 2 says:

boxing ca

DistantGalaxy says:

wow dog screams sound like a parrot that's being killed

kenjhunter says:

cats are fucking demons,but somehow i love cat

Ochea Narcisa says:

I want to kick the man at the first one

Ochea Narcisa says:

I want to kick the man at the first one

Justyn Hopkins says:

cats are savage

lucky people says:

maine coon vs puppy
= puppy dead

lucky people says:

first video

guest154 strike back Gerald says:

i hat e cat i ate cats my dogs killed an 2 young cat in 6:00 am

Ximena Tellez. says:

cats will attack any animal that is not welcome to them regardless of size. on the other hand, dogs are always afraid of there attacker.

Brianna_ Garcia says:

I hate cats so much

GodsGunMan Vox says:

cats make dogs bitches in no time flat

Xavier cardenas says:

No wonder they call that a French bulldog all it did was retreat and cry.

Mia the Marshmallow says:

lel dogs try to be brave and they go on a couch and scream XD

Anon conspire says:

0:31 what the fuck was that HAHAHAHAH

lanunselatable says:

2:48 I can't distinguished the dog howl and a women's scream.

CLVlogs says:

0:05 JOHN CENA!! (Btw i hate cats)

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