Dog (Molly) Sees Mom, Just Home From Afghanistan

Recorded on January 12, 2011 using a Flip Video camera.
US Air Force Captain sees her 8 and a half year old pup, Molly, at the airport. Molly tells her how much she missed her.


Larry Phischman says:

The dog has no idea how long she's been gone.

Larry Phischman says:

I watched this with a cat in my lap, and he immediately left and appears to be searching the floor for the dog.

박지혜 says:

that's why i love dogs

Joe Drager says:

Apparently 158 Democrats visited the site.

Garth Downton says:

It is not hard to see how stressed our pets are when the people they look up to are absent. The beautiful dog is expressing it's heart. Happy to see the owner safe and reunited to a wonderful friend.

T.M. says:

so sweet.

Aharon P says:

Dogs are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

Ramsay R/C says:

How is there a 152 dislikes, how can anyone dislike this

Christina Wloczewski says:

so cute and sweet

Robert Campeau says:

I had a golden retriever as a child named JIG and it did every thing for me, pulled my sleigh, my bike and was very protective would not let anyone touch me.

Nanci Cosentino says:

It's called unconditional love and it means you wait forever for mom to get home…thanks for sharing…

iammontecristo says:

If this ain't love then I don't know what is. Dogs are great.

gekizai says:

What a sweet dog. I like her frosty face that marks her out as an old-timer. Her whines are our equivalent of happy-tears. :)

salvatore Imperiali says:

that dog is so happy I'm glad his mom home safe I would like to THANK HER FOR HER SERVICE

mark bukowski says:

the idiots with the thumbs down must be afgans

RSF1955 says:

Way to awesome!! Welcome home mom!!! God bless!!!


Awesome! I can't believe people actually disliked this, not many, but still disturbing. Truly man's best friend:)

tanzaniaisdead says:

I've watched this like 30 times and it still makes me tear up. 

WiloughVEVO says:

I actually started crying a bit <3 :')

Myra gue says:

The feels.

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