SMART DOG TRICK TRAINING – How to train a dog to search

This video gives a step-by-step explanation of how to train your dog to search for things. Star of the video is my cute chihuahua Socke who demonstrates how to do it. Trick Training is a good way to increase the bond and communication between you and your dog. I found that most dogs love to learn tricks, and it doesn’t matter if it is a puppy or an older dog. My philosophy is that training is all about fun, there is no pressure, only positive rewards.


Wally Ortiz says:

awesome.. thank you for sharing your video…

Samantha Rae says:

Some of you guys are thirsty af, jk she's great and has done an awesome job training that puppy.

Todd says:

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Noah The Anime Guy says:

She's got a hot body😍

Tom Gorky says:

nice body. tks

R AR says:

she is awesome!

Shantel Jaimes says:

Bernie blue you are discusting

Kellen Williams says:

if yo could get back to me on anything helpful that would be lovely

Kellen Williams says:

i have a lab pointer mix that is terrible around puppies and had trust issues.  she is a great dog but i was wondering if you know anything about resource gaurding.  she can find anything i hit or throw to her several hundred yards away with her nose

Kellen Williams says:

you are a very smart trainer idk why people say or ask that about you

Rajhni Mais says:

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mahbub4747 says:

It's really an awesome trick to teach a dog to search something

tforeignguy l says:

Marlene, where are you from? Cant pin point your accent!

Auzzie Blog says:

Can you plz make a video about how to teach your dog to find you.

Bertie Blue says:

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LPS Bubblez says:

i love you and your dogs and your vids

Mannie G. says:

3:33 <3

Mannie G. says:

isn't she great!? <3

karl davies says:

thank you so much now i have  5 trained dog

Victoria Jacobson says:

Great video!!

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