Kids At The Zoo: Compilation

In this funny animal video, tune in to see an awesome compilation of kids interacting with their favorite animals at the zoo.


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Milly Sanchez says:

what if the glasses break.😂😂😂


Why wasn't Harambe on this list? XDD

Nathan Hoker says:

3:41 I taught this to Miley,, here you can learn it too

Brody Pesce says:

3:18 harambe will be avenged

Funny Animal Video says:

animal should run in free, not in cage…

Mustafa Karaca says:

if the glass brake ? hoollllyyyyy

noreavad says:

what a sad video. Animal prison.

Levi says:

These people are laughing as lions, tigers, and crocs attempt to eat their kids like its a game the animal

Huracan Le Turtle says:

2:45 is at the MKE Zoo

Chris Hixson says:

so funny

Ryan Witwicki Faddegon says:

This is really sad. There is nothing educational about Zoos, it's the same as The Truman Show, Zoos are lying to the animals. The animals want to be free and are driven insane inside those prisons. They rather die being free than in captivity anyway.

蔡詠湄 says:


ToyChica94 says:

1:21 Big O Tough

Ashiya Hanae says:

the monkey got her first kiss.. lucky dude

arbinger7 says:

all animals even wild ones have a good side.a lot of people that work at zoos have to go inside with the animals when they are in there.

Shaun Cheon says:

3:38 wtf

Romina pro 12345 says:


Wilson Alves Ferreira says:


Brysonperidot215 ! says:

3:44 😂

Kia Fleors says:

i think the animals wanna make out with the kids ahhhh :c

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