Mitt Romney’s Dog Music Video

When they talk about a new, kinder and more caring Mitt Romney, think about what he did to his dog. People tend to treat people the way they treat animals. We could all end up as Mitt Romney’s Dogs in spite of what the spin doctors say. Business acumen isn’t everything.

Skip Haynes at


Verse 1
Mitt went on vacation, took Seamus for a ride,
Stuck him up on top of the car, made him ride outside
That’s no way to treat man’s best friend, Mitt should be ashamed
You just don’t treat your dog that way, how could anyone be so lame?

Rock’s is hard and water’s wet
You know that it’s true
If Mitt treated his dog like that
Then how will he treat you?

Verse 2
If you’re the President of the USA, or just from the hood
You don’t treat your dog like that, if you are any good
Seamus gave unconditional love, Mitt tied him to the car,
There’s no excuse for doing that, no matter who you are

Chorus 2

Verse 3
There’s a lesson here to be learned, a linkage tried and true
A sure sign of things to come, a red flag rendezvous
Mitt treated Shamus like a dog, he’ll treat you that way too
Keep everything for himself, leave nothing left for you

Double Chorus:
Rock’s is hard and water’s wet
You know that it’s true
If Mitt treated his dog like that
Then how will he treat you?
A leopard can’t change its spots,
It’s a leopard through and through
If Mitt treated his dog like that
Then how will he treat you?
If Mitt treated Seamus like that,
Then how will he treat you?


Grandma Mullarkey says:

I ended up here after the LSD video….and my dogs are in full support! NO republicans in the white house in 2016.  one would have to be stoopid to vote for these pricks. come now….verify and then vote!

Kaia Jamipa says:

This made me cry and hold my dog.

Kaia Jamipa says:

Thank you from my dogs I's hearts. I love u for this.

NessVlogMusic says:

This song is funny. So true though. How could you treat a Pup that way? :/

Rodney Kirk says:

great song …

charles mabry says:

Is that johnny depp on the drums?

Chris Young says:

Keep up the good work Skip. I was asked by some Facebook friends to also thank you! Hopefully my beagle Daisy and I will see you on a walk soon! 🙂

Skip Haynes says:

Hey Chris,
Thanks, As you know i can't abide people who abuse animals. Ergo, the song. Glad you like it. I hope it makes people think and I mean that in the nicest possible way. Even Michael Vick is giving lip service to a change in thinking – but not Willard.

Chris Young says:

Yay! SKIP!! Hello from your fellow Rosie rescuer Chris down the hill!

terri merritts says:

Great as always, my friend. I will share it far and wide!

Kyle Schmutz says:

better the roof of your car than the roof of your mouth "you should ask Obama if he has any good dog recipes" Right smack dab in the middle of town
I've found a paradise that's trouble proof (up on the roof)
And if this world starts getting you down
There's room enough for two
Up on the roof (up on the roof)
Up on the roo-oo-oof (up on the roof)
Oh, come on, baby (up on the roof)
Oh, come on, honey (up on the roof)

Richard Maloney says:

We all know that ain't true / Obama will eat your dog in a stew!

Mechwarrior0311 says:

But you would rather have a President who would carve Seamus up and eat him. That makes perfect sense.

PETCDs says:

Thanks so much. Dogs rule. Good luck in Fla.

Don Drumm says:

Hey Skip, it's great to see you still have 'It' … all together. You both sound great. Nice video. And you look as good as ever. I'll pass it around. Take care. Oh! We sold our home in Bronxville and bought a home in Boca Raton, FL.
Stay creative Skip.

Kelly Sullivan Walden says:

unbelievable! clever song to raise awareness about an unthinkable act. freaky!

ArkLady says:

Catchy tune…LOL thanks for posting.

T Ruff says:

Great song! Very nicely done! Dogs and their friends for President Obama!

PETCDs says:

Thanks! It's good to be able to be seen. . .

Gene Davis says:

Go, Skip! Good to see you.

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