Turn and Back up through your legs: “How to” Dog Trick for Canine Freestyle

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Pam, Isabelle, Bandit and Twix


Dani Marino says:

Do you have a video on the wait command for the dog to stop in position while moving?

Johnnycake Blaa says:

How can I train my dog to come when she is running around with other dogs? I've trained her really well with food and the ecollar. She is having to much fun and ignores the buzz or even the shock!! 

kimmobley333 says:

Great tutorial. 

New Dog Trainer says:

 Very entertaining and informative thanks!

Aiming For Epic says:

Thank you for this video! I love the platform idea!

SpeLinnea says:


Penny Hyde says:

This is still one of Abigail's favorite tricks! Great video!

Emma Diaz says:

Awesome! Will try with my dog :)

XsunnyXXcoolyX says:

How Do I teach My Dog to go backwards. He will always turn and go forwards. 

Lauren “ZoePhee” Miller says:

Thanks for making this, Pam! I needed a new rainy day project! 😀 I need to get their platform work better, too. Zoe keeps falling off it. Lol

이승진 says:

I'm korean dog trainer.
You're video good.

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