German Shepherd Puppies Cutest Ever Videos Compilation

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Timothy Andrews says:

I'm not sure I got mine half a year ago

Iliyan Panjwani says:

can someone tell me where to get a german shepherd puppy as in what shop or any good trusted website?

legofreak446 says:

Germany breeds the best dogs.

DeathWolf 20 says:


Dhaval Solanki says:

i love jarman sefad

TheAmazingJazzWaffle Aj says:


Honest Abe says:

Whoever disliked this video is a…………………….

……cat. A cat.

Rachelle Lucien says:

hi are you sale dog

Crisis // Ankles says:

I want one so bad, once I live on my own I'm totally buying myself one

Elizabeth Lopez says:

Omg these German Shepherd puppies are so cute.

notsosilentmajority1 says:

Great video. That puppy at approx. 2:15 is a star. That's a working dog right there.

Carteeeer says:

I wish there was a breed of german shepherds that would stay small, my house is too small for a big dog like that :(

Shermie Schafer says:

NEVER get a German Shepherd UNLESS YOU are ready for training ASAP! Now have my 5th, all females. Be ready to run, have SPACE for running & socialization(dog park nearby), have enough $ for vet bills, good grooming at least monthly, GOOD food, TIME for daily play, a good dog bed, & lots of love. DO NOT ABUSE! My 1st trainer said: " GS's never forget!" Also prepare your self and your home for LOTS of hair! Black is their favorite color-especially clothes. Buy from a Humane Society or a GS Rescue
group; NEVER a pet shop. And NEVER breed!!! These dogs are a handful; too many are euthanized because they are too energetic & their human companions too busy. They'll give back what they get. Know your limits! for your sake as well as theirs.

alex molina says:

Pitbull and a German shepherd

XxDragon_GamerxX says:

I saw a pitbull

Richard West says:

I Love  German Shepherd puppies  all Shepherd Dog are just great I have one mail 14 years old this Aug 2016

Roby Miller says:

Oh my god they are so cute! Like!

Ruby Chaidez says:

The third video was the cutiest

Midastouchgamer says:

Get more power to the eyes! It's a cuteness overload!

I'm givin' her all I got, captain!

surendra109 says:

my gsd is 1 years now. they are so cute when they are puppies and it's adorable when they bite you all the time.

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