Border collie Zoe & AMAZING dog tricks!

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Trainer and owner – Patrycja Kowalczyk

Border collie Zoe performing amazing dog tricks, movie made using Canon 7D by Alicja Zmysłowska.

I hope you all like it although really long time waiting for it! 🙂 ( and hope It was worth waiting so long.. )

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Koira hullu says:

What is this song?

Choco Piesio says:

WOW świetnie

Alhonna Alfred says:

How did you teach the trick at 1:40 ???

Cute Canon Puppy says:

You got most of these dog tricks from Nanathebordercollie

PBF says:

Border Collies are amazing

Robert Bielefeld says:

Nukking Futs!

Weronika Karga says:

Nie działa mi :(

Marcus Gorvin says:

That's actually a proto- mortheon and at seven cycles in they breed like hormone driven flyrats

Drzthekidd RPG Nation! says:

cool my dog can do some of thar

Junner Tacquian says:


Julia's Jam Julia's Jam says:

OMG so amazing.. but how do you teach her to do a backflip? And the border collie is so cute and beautiful

Oliwia J says:

Jak się nazywa ten trick gdzie pies wskakuje na stopy leżącego człowieka?

caiitlinrogers says:


moemoe collie says:

nice video!

jay respecia says:

Good ideas thanks The best ideas that I have read was at Brainy paws (just google it) Without a doubt the most incredible dog training tips that I have ever tried.

Vikki Hofvander says:

Love this Dog! <3

Kundelkowe Sprawy says:

Filmik oglądam już chyba 20 raz a nadal się zachwycam tym niepowtarzalnym psiakiem!
Jak dla mnie Zoe jest najmądrzejszym i najbardziej znanym psem w Polsce!

IcyPuppy says:

I have the cuttest border colli in the world, check my channel there s a
video of him…If you want a friendly dog i really recommend Border Collies
they re just the greatest.

Emilia Sy says:

Amazing! She is sooooo smart and has beautiful eyes! <3

C.C's Channel says:

Gotta love em! COLLIES!

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