Best dog trick EVER – Play Dead with dramatic pug stumble

The typical play dead dog trick; however, my pug adds her own embellishment… a dramatic stumble before she falls.

Lelu the pug is a year old in this video. She lives in San Francisco and can be seen at the weekly Small Dog Beach walk on Ocean Beach.

Answers to frequent questions:
– The treats she gets are *very* small pieces of dehydrated liver. It looks odd on video, but she loves them and it helps keep her puppyish figure.

– She is clicker trained (Google it for more information). To teach her this one, I’d give the command, gently lay her down, then click and treat. She figured out the stumble herself.


Al Paca says:

>says bang to dog
>plays dead
>actually dies

era fina says:

Good pug. So cute.

Sydney DePativo says:

awwwww i wish my pug could do that

ReelSerious says:

Very good at keeping so still! :-D

Kristi Schoenhaar says:

Pugs are notoriously hard to train. Good show!

Anna Cornykova says:

Love it!

Lauren Lengen says:

So funny. How to train our dog with a trick such as this?

Dev Patel says:

How to train them

JadesiBx36 says:

My pug does tricks for treats too! They r such an amazing & smart breed & want nothing more than to love & please u 🙂 

Andria Moore says:

Things such as this help make Youtube incredible. I always chuckle very hard.

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Sunky says:

Mine doesnt get up D:

Yaddy Afleck says:

DINDO…..! :3

FilmBanden says:

Didn't know LeBron had a dog

Sim Girl says:

my dog does it WELL BETTER! she covers her eyes with herr paws

Victor Vallejo says:

My pug only know give me your hand, give me five, and sit.

isabella flora says:

and the winner for best actor IIIIIIIIssss……

olivier metten says:


Max Lambert says:


Sarah Bennett says:

You think thats a good trick…go see nana the border collie

Louc72 says:

Superb – even got the hollywood gunshot stumble before he fell lol. Too cute.

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