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paulWOWninaYAY says:

Dude, dogs sleep on the floor and lick their own butts. What disease is he gonna get from rolling around on a recently-mopped floor?

Anjani Rathee says:

Don't you know that rubbing your dog on the floor can lead to serious disease for your dog? That's animal cruelty.

TheSs0401 says:

Dont yell at your puppie

katy Field says:

@xanthinina Oh..

xanthinina says:

@ohhmyyjuiceefruit i love daily grace! hahaha
and ikr !<3

xanthinina says:

@MizzChocHershey hahah he's actually a shih-tzu irish terrier but you're right he looks a lot like a havanese!

xanthinina says:


katy Field says:


TropicalSammie says:

How old are you guys?

michael894 says:

Ninja Teddy!

KuromiSon says:

hi Nina omg ur puppy is soo cute 🙂

Helena Perez says:

lol he's so cute. "Look sad, your in jail." LOL!

blueskies3096 says:

love when he spills the water onto the couch lol

RitaJok says:

furst commmentt dawgg.

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