Lady Bug Swim Lesson (Dumb Dog Trick #282)

I really hope other people enjoy this video and find the peace and joy that was my precious little Red Dog, stunt dog extraordinaire, during his time on Earth.

This is my first dumb dog trick video with Red Dog posthumously. Soul Brother Red Dog kicking it on the interwebs from beyond the grave.

I should brag about Red Dog for a bit. He was the only “pure bred” dog I have ever owned. He was freaking gorgeous. Red Dog was first on television as a little handful of a pup in Spokane, Washington, in 2006 or 2007 to promote a regional disc dog event.

The first digital video I ever took of Red involved him barking and attacking our television set. This video ended up being included as one of the added features in the DVD release of the movie Marley and Me. Yes, Red was a challenging dog like Marley. Honestly and truly. He won a contest for dogs who were professional pains in the ass.

One video of Red in particular — him attacking our vacuum cleaner — has been used for a lot of different internet and television contests and stuff. Recently our Youtube Channel registered total views of over one million.

It’s difficult to imagine what Hippy Dippy Entertainment will do without our little star, Red. We miss you buddy. We feel your love in air as we remember you. Together we will ride the wind forever.


Red Dog needed an occupation and I decided that he would be an animal comedian. The Jimmyjumpnjive Youtube Channel was born in December of 2008. At first it featured Stupid Dog Tricks, which have since evolved into a series known as Dumb Dog Tricks.

In late 2008 I took an old, cheap laptop and a cheap camera and created a really tripped out video entitled, “I am the Red Wolf.” This video was my first commercial video sale through the Currenttv VCAM program in a campaign known as the Microsoft PC Hookup Campaign. Red and I got to be on Justintv with Christian Lander and Felicia Day. I believe that Ben Huh was interviewed on one of the episodes of this show.

The funds from selling the video were used to purchase equipment for Hippy Dippy Entertainment — a refurbished Canon video camera, a green screen set up, and an iMac. I made tons of videos for contests. I made documentaries or bio-mentary videos about places, events and things.

. Videos of Red have been used in advertisements for a variety products on the internet, especially in internet pet video contests.

, I became more serious about video. Red dog couldn’t always catch a disc, but he was the best at sitting pretty and pirouetting

I trained Red up to play freestyle disc and he learned ALL his tricks. He could back vault, perform series of overs, and kick out a solid 90 second freestyle routine. But Red was super nervous. I gigged with Red and WOOFD2 for two or three years, but he was too inconsistent. Then he started shutting down and not performing. I had no choice but to train a new freestyle dog (enter madame Zoozoo).

Soul Buddy lives on through the interwebs.

, though with many

Red Dog. I made it through with no tears. It’s really cute, if I say so myself, and I really hope other people enjoy this video and find the peace and joy that was Red Dog during his time on Earth.


Angela Sherman says:

Lady bugs are evil nowdays. They used to be nice and safe to hold when I was a child now they're rabid. I'll never forget about ten years ago I was house hunting I felt this bite and I instantly thought it was a horse fly. Nope this Orange, not red ladybug big into me like it had become a vicious zombie bug. Seriously does anyone know what has made these ladybugs get severe PMS and attack?

dil howlter says:

i love this video its so cute!

Mike McKenzie says:

I hold it true, whate'er befall;
I feel it, when I sorrow most;
'Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.

Alford Lord Tennyson

Austin Briggs says:

Sorry about your loss 🙁

Vanissa James says:

We all have our quirks, including our pets who have captured our hearts. I like how you used Red Dog's behavioral traits to produce something creative and entertaining.

Mike McKenzie says:

Time helps. Thank you.

Jennifer Thoms says:


Mike McKenzie says:

Peace and Love my friend!

Mike McKenzie says:

and every moment of every day he is with me still, like a gentle breath upon my forehead, he is with my father, waiting and watching and laughing at me. What I'm trying to say is that I believe Red Dog balanced his karma before he checked out. Peace and love

Goregoon says:

RIP Red Dog

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