Funny Animals Doing Stupid Things – Funny Compilation 2013

Funny video compilation of silly animals doing stupid and funny things, so try not to laugh 😀 Please subscribe for more funny fails and animal compilations like this. Thank you!


Jasmine Eager says:

i wonder if its just acting

Goofdookie says:

Awesome. But wtf was that song? I could've done w/out the spoken word in the music.

Marquise Keys says:

Love it especially the 2nd to last one 

1-800-Donut says:

Fun Video!!

Elda Alvarado says:

Good video hope to see more

featheredfan says:

This is a nice couple of minutes of life! That is one more green thumb for your hard work. Thanks

the Klumpenkind says:

soooooo FUNNY 🙂

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