Beasley’s Fancy Chief CLANCY (Keeshond) Trick dog Champion video Fluffy Dog Tricks

FUNanimal Pet Services is proud to formally introduce Beasley’s Fancy Chief “CLANCY” as the first titled Trick Dog Champion Keeshond! This is his Champion Trick Dog Application video (so pardon the length and how some parts may be boring as we demonstrate the different foundation skills required to be a “trick dog”.) Clancy is a young Keeshond (pronounced KAYZ-HAWND) and we do so much together and hope to encourage others to try to enrich their own dog’s life (and yours!) To learn more, visit our blog: For FUNanimal Pet Services and dog training (including trick training!), please visit
Clancy is an altered UKC champion, has many Rally Obedience titles, is a Canine Good Citizen and even is a titled dock diver! Clancy loves people and showing off his tricks (there’s a lot of tricks we couldn’t fit in this video). He is a therapy dog and everyone loves his trick shows! Contact us if you’d like to book a show!


Kyra Sundance says:

I'm so impressed! Love the bongos and the baby gate… I've never seen those tricks before. Congrats Trick Dog Champion Clancy!

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