this weekend when I hear “Pizza and brownies are ready!” #EpicCheatDay #CelebratingOpeningWeekend #AndFathersDay 😂👊🏾💯
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Phobi the Jack Russell Terrier is as smart as a steel trap. Watch him place himself right in front of the cool breeze from the fan. This is how you keep cool during the hot [More]
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My youth pastor’s dog, Saddie. She really is quite derpy, isn’t she? ….God, I hate how my voice sounds. XP Just so you know, that’s the voice I use when talking to pets. Why do [More]
BB (7 months old) sat nicely with our chow chow Doppio. They were clearly happy and enjoyed each other’s company. It’s undeniably adorable! 🙂 Subscribe to my channel and see more interesting videos: Please [More]
Funny and Cute Cats and Dogs Love Babies! Whether you prefer babies and puppies or babies and kittens you’re going to love this video! Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the [More]
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Harvey has zero interest in having his photo taken and really expresses it in this clip. He just can’t be bothered with things like that! Source & embed code: For licensing, please email [More]
While serving in Afghanistan, U.S. military combat dog Layka was shot four times by the enemy at point-blank range. Despite her injuries, she still attacked and subdued the shooter, saving her handler and the other [More]
A parasitic wasp has injected her eggs into a caterpillar — and now they’re ready to hatch. In the Womb: Extreme Animals :
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In this video we show the proper way to use a clicker to start training your brand new puppy important commands like “here”.

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