Videos for Dogs To Watch – Squirrels

Videos for Dogs To Watch – Squirrels

Filmed in 2015

Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall


Alexandra Monteiro says:

My dog was hypnotize

Fairytail Lover says:

My dog shook, whimpered, and then tried to bite my phone… Love the video!

Carla Vela says:


Hannah Louise says:

Everyone's like o my animal loves this but I have no pets and enjoyed the whole thing myself

Sue Latimer says:

Dog and cat loved it.

Nick Ohlsson says:

My son loves watching this. He's about 1 ½ years old and he's mesmerized everytime we watch this, which is almost every day. Thanks alot for this!

Cynthia Boaz says:

This is the best, my dog loves it! Thanks so much!

Estrella Cross says:

Paul Dinning you take good pictures ! You have addered more, amazing, beatiful.

Estrella Cross says:

Paul Dinning, thank you for liking my encounter with baby squired, i still fed them , and always will.

Autumn Sapphire says:

My Baby loves this video and he watches it over and over again….he just loves it.

the toy and awsomness channel says:

My dog was entertained by this

Diana Teuscher says:

Thank you so much for this video! My cat loved it and I was so entertained by watching her

Amazing squirrel videos! 

9Cisar says:

My cat was SO into this.

Roberto Cruz says:

My dog stared attentively at the screen for the whole thing hahaha

Sifoutv Pottery says:

Excelent video my friend.Take a big Thumbs up!! Sifoutv Pottery

Virginija Vihinita says:

Nice video.

AndyFromBeaverton says:

That was just nuts!  … and seeds.

Annybar says:

Des animaux heureux

Daskalos says:

All your squirrel videos are so good, thanks !

Annemieke van Leeuwen says:

Thank you Paul! lovely video and nature sounds!

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