Funny Videos Of Funny Dogs And Puppies Compilation 2016 [BEST OF]


Vlase Maricica says:


Cousin Larry says:


blixten2928 says:

In this world of constant shootings, seems a little macabre that so many people love pretending to shoot their dogs. Of COURSE it´s all in fun, of COURSE I know these are among the best dog-owners around (they bother to train their dogs, wonderful!) but perhaps we should all choose alternative tricks. (I know I sound like I´m just carping, sorry!)

Ceban Victoria says:


ThoughtTank says:

Darling, what are you doing? -Oh i'm just watering the dog. ;D)

asriel thegoat says:

some of these videos piss me off because people laugh at there dogs instead of helping them

the beast24 says:

I like the first one

Kixamaniac Gaming says:

When dogs forget to dog

Andy Spark says:

time 0:40
I'm getting dizzy

bob lol says:

and 6th comment

bob lol says:

aww so cute

Tato Baratashvili says:

4th comment and that was cute

Mirjana Dislioska says:

second comnent

Julia Rosa Villavicencio says:


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