Funny Dog: Dancing bulldog is unstoppable once in the groove to Wham!

This bulldog gets into the groove with Wham! hit ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go’ and is unstoppable even by sister.


zark airzander says:

It's a pug not a bulldog

Fufa Da says:


3lithejokinator says:

It's a pug

Kayla Martin says:

Why does everyone think he is trying to itch his butt? I have NEVER seen a dog try to itch their butt that way. They always scoot their butt along the carpet and they don't sit in one spot and bob their head. He was clearly jamming out and grooving! He is even moving on cue to the music.

Douchy McDouche says:

I hope you checked for a brown stain on that spot afterwards.

rhean mondejar says:

cute.. hehe

Bonnie Estabrooks says:

take the damn dog to the vet

RoCoMu MuRoCo says:

omg! I thought it was my neighbor who's dancing hahaha

Penny Isaacsen says:

This video makes a bad day better,love it

Jon Garcia says:

fuckn ROLLN!!!😂

Ferod. Rosheev says:

это результат квантового перехода, по всей планете отмечают проявление интеллекта у животных.

Liz Steinmetz says:

Pugs don't have bat ears guys. Its a Frenchie.

wooly bobo says:

Sooooooooooo cute

Kevin Briggs says:

Best video ever. Can not be Topped.

Sarah Ramsey says:

Unless the owner posted this.. This looks like a pug

Twilit TheWolf says:

Is it possible to like 5 times?

anamiko says:

Congratulations! You either need to express the dog's anal glands or they'll get impacted and cause an infection OR your dog has worms. ADORABLE!

Emily King says:

I die every time.

alondo rodriguez says:

Jitterpug for president!

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