Funny dancing dog

this video was included in top 50 viral videos of 2010

song name: Evgenij Anegin – Luna

Also seen around the web as Dog Feels the Beat, Techno Dog, Hond danst op Techno, Bounce bounce doggie bounce etc


The hero of oakvale says:

Fucking PETA is going to take this down because they think the dog is sick.

barney the asphalt dinosaur says:

canine distemper

DankieDickie says:

He dances like a white dog

EL Huseo says:

Youtube comment section: The only place where everyone is an expert in everything

Muumipappah says:

does dat dog have hydraulics?

Parker James says:

it looks like it's going to puke!!

Back Nforth says:

Everyone, let's share this video and laugh at the dog who has a terminal neurological disorder. this dog hops to pop music. hue hue hue hue.

Rob “BasedRob” Castaneda says:

Tfw everyone here is a Ace fucking Ventura.
Tfw less than 1/4 of them probably have any sort of diploma in the study of animals.
Tfw "Canine Distemper" doesn't even remotely look similar to this.
Some yall dumb af

Kappazoid says:

I like how nobody notices that the dog walks away after the music is over. Also, I've seen Canine Distemper before, it is MUCH worse than just bouncing rhythmically.

sequoyahbean says:

This dog is dying – has distemper. A cruel and totally preventable illness.

Milk says:

I don't think that was dancing, I'm pretty sure that music stressed it out to the point that the poor thing had a seizure.

JohnLevie Omay says:

Poor Dog.. Dog life is a hard thing to live in… Can you Give a Dog Food..

willow Cat says:

This is funny

Watchdog Goon says:

Welcome to the comments! Turn back while you still can.

LaVonda DeBrito says:

Not dancing…distemper

Tommy Deliso says:


bgfishing says:

it's only possibly distemper if the dog still does this when the music goes away.

VolkColopatrion says:

no, this isn't distemper. if it were he wouldn't be rythmic with it.

if you actually look on youtube for cases of distemper i'ts MUCH MUCH worse.

pinalo2009 says:

not funny. even laughing at people with palsies are not human at all. getting humor from other peoples/creatures fate is not "human nature" at all

Elmer Henriquez says:

poor doggie

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