Dogs in Pools

These dogs celebrate Labor Day by swimming in the pool!


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esmer ishankuliyeva says:

1:19 super

Sarah Bartlett says:

My dog starts doggy paddling even if u put him near a glass of water

Daniela Elvir says:

that is mean

Thi Nguyen says:

I love puppies and who is watching 2016

Puppyderplover Arf! says:


Duane Guwi says:

dog are great swimmer

Ramona Vick says:

This is mean and I love all dogs they got there tails pulled 😡

Grey Fox says:

You PETA lovers always find something to cry about in these kind of videos, don't ya?!?! >.<

maria pinango says:


im in the 4th dimension please help says:

0:33 cruelty

im in the 4th dimension please help says:

0:02 zootopia in real life

ykOni says:

That last dog is a ninja.

Andrea Moscoso says:

1:25 how he do that lol. Cute video

HotRodGaming says:

Whoever disliked this is a heartless monster

Zoe Keenan says:

that guy was abusing small dogs to pull a raft with a grown man on it

Potato Gamers says:

+Alpha werewolf (Cuz i cant reply) It's Cats, Bruh

Broncosdude 18 says:

I died at 1:20 😂😂

Ayako Ninomiya says:


Wyatt Hilger says:

they can swim alfa werewolf

Do Di says:

I love dog and puppy

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