Funny Dachshund EMS Response – Choking Victim! – Vine

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Crusoe Celebrity Dachshund and his brother Oakley the miniature dachshunds help save a choking victim in their home! It’s the puppy emergency drills back again for a part 2!


Omar Alejandro Oliveros Martínez says:

la anbulansia perruna llego

Future Football 74 says:

nice vids

CollinPlaysGames says:

So I think it's cool and funny your just a hater

Popextreme Gaming says:

Fake you you can see the hand at last

Ryela Inocencio says:

I like it

Liwia M says:


Pedro Pelinca Games says:


Leon Bakker says:

good jod dogs

Mabhe T says:

Hahahaha…love it :)

Jack Kester says:

I have a dachshund like these ones

Ruth Blagden says:

What a hero !

Arturo Castro says:



Mark Fryer says:

OK Now that was FUNNY!!!!

Jasna and Dušan The Dogs says:

These dachshunds are beautiful , I also upload videos of dachshunds

pegger1982 says:

I love you cruso your so amazing

Foster Cowan says:

This made me laugh. I love you Crusoe!

V Blondin says:

So cute. What are their names

Mike Reed says:

uh… ok, lol i gave it a like check anyways

Everything Critter says:

I love all of these dog vines by them, so funny it makes me want to make my own!! 

elixirplease says:

all this is missing is the part where the dog eats the piece of food

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