Best Of Funny Cats And Dogs Protecting Babies Compilation 2014 [NEW]

Did you see a dog that protects a baby? Or a cat that protects a baby?. Dogs protecting babies or cats protecting babies is a reality. Check out this cats and dogs protecting babies compilation.


игорь титов says:

Собаки как люди , только лучше .

RJ Potato Reggie says:



awwwwwwwwwwwwww so cute =3 x3

Maria Reyes says:

That you think that will happen.

Marie Rizwan says:

should never let a cat in a babies face . never ever .

marietta meister says:


The Sniper555 says:

1000 dark souls watched this video😠😠😠

Horselover330 says:

Lol that one last one was so funny 😂

Jestin Bell says:

First one I swear I was fixing to scream of the freaking cuteness like o my gawd

Nick Penny says:

there is no protecting going on. while it looks cute all the animals are doing is snuggling up to the warm thing. cats sitting on babies faces and suffocating them is more common than you would think.

Jeremy J. says:

Watch this video, and then tell me again how animals don´t have feelings.

Mattissomlgyoucantbeliveit watching account says:

I wrote this at 12:20 am

Anna Parac says:

The first video was sooooo cute

roby ramos says:

Ceut cat

Kate Millett says:

1k people are heartless :(


1:57 Dog: This makes a good pillow.

sean cureg says:

What music is playing in the background at 2:36

kim jong ill says:

anyone else think the last baby will grow up to look like Bruce Willis

Oliver Winter says:

is the last dog shown alright? Why seems it he is protecting the baby from his parents?

5610winston says:

My Norwegian Elkhound, Aani, protected my Mom through end-stage dementia and cuddled the infant daughter of one of the caregivers. Dogs will protect the weak members of their packs.

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