Abby playing with her GoDogGo ball launcher

Jack Russell Terrier Abby loves her GoDogGo tennis-ball launcher. Scout is just not into it! Canon S90 camera. [Here’s another video you might enjoy:]


Jack Johnson says:

Jack Russells could replace all forms of energy if we could harness it.

austrorus says:

if you need a machine to keep your dog entertained you are not supposed to have a dog.

Mariska Mari says:

when I put the treat on the machine he runs away so he doesnt want to touch the machine

Mariska Mari says:

my jackrussel is afraid of the sound when the bal gets lounched. he even ran upstairs. I try to train him by giving him a treat when he returns the ball (normally he always did but with the ball launcer he doesnt know (. it probally takes me a week to learn him how to play with the ball launcer. If i knew it made such a noise i would not have bought it

Jam Session says:  Oh my gosh that's great.  I found it on Amazon.  May have to buy it soon.

JoeSkiee1 says:

What so

Eston Stone says:

Where do you get these?

redfrogish says:

If you are in the UK and want one of these they will be available from June 2014 contact

Dian Chapman says:

We just bought one. HOPE our big, Goldens have as much fun. They're ball-a-holics, too…so I'm expecting they will. But GREAT seeing dogs having fun and watching how it works. Thanks!

ViralVideoUK says:

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TZ2OurLittleDogToo says:

soooo cute! love her tail waggin! and her ears seem to go down down down as she anticipates the spring tightening to launch the ball! tooooo funny!!!

albireo9 says:

The GoDogGo ball launcher can be operated by either plugging in to the wall or using batteries. It can be turned on/off by a switch located on the back of the machine or by a remote control. Its off until you purposely turn it on. I never leave my dog alone with the GoDogGo turned on.

albireo9 says:

Abby the JRT is about 11" at the shoulder. She has no problem (as you can see) getting the ball in the GoDogGo bucket. By the way, Scout (also a JRT) is about 14" at the shoulder.

albireo9 says:

She keeps me busy getting the launched ball out of tree limbs and off of roofs. I'm thinking of getting her a skateboard so she can walk herself too.

albireo9 says:

Thank you! You might enjoy my other video (link is in this video's description).


albireo9 says:

Yeah. Abby has been smacked in the head with the ball, up close! Terriers are tough dogs. She's learned to stay away from the launch site. I get plenty of exercise getting the launched ball out of tree limbs and off of roof tops.

albireo9 says:

I originally got the GoDogGo for the all-white dog in the video, Scout, because he's crazy about fetch, but he doesn't like it. I didn't think my dog Abby would be interested. Was surprised when Abby learned to use it in about five minutes.

Terry Radville says:

look at that little tail GO! Too funny! She's such a cutie!!

captonkush says:

how lazy do you have to be to buy one of these. i'll pick up chuck a stick anyday. now the fatty's can watch their dog's play alone and eat a whole tub of ice cream at the same time. p.s. dont forget to check under ur fat rolls for icecream dripping's.

Katilea69 says:

Hi how tall are JRT's at the shoulder? I'm getting my first toy breed soon and was wondering if it would be tall enough to drop the ball back into the bucket or manage a flyball machine? I'd be going with something like mini poodle or Chinese Crested Powderpuff or a cross around that size (12-15" high and very light)

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