Baby making interesting conversation with dog Part 2 – Dog making baby LOL!

BB (15 months old) found Coco so hilarious! He just kept laughing and laughing (we missed the first couple minutes of crazy laughing scene when recording). Near to the end of the video, we didn’t know why he needed a phone to call someone, it just looked like he’s making an emergency call that a lion puppy tried to break into our house! Haha! 😀

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I love Make-up 365 Days says:

which breed of dog is this?they both r super cute

Linda Schmid says:

(Let the poor thing in already)

Virginia Taylor says:

Happy baby and cute pup!

Shahbandar Tojar says:

you have nice baby

Rosie Shaw says:

Awww I just love them both, they are so cute together, like a duo.

korlum chukhu says:

come on let the dog in

Avis Holt says:

Most people don't get this but, when a dog yawns like that, it means he/she is annoyed.  It's not a "sleepy" yawn.  There is a difference.  Come on family, let me in.. !

Ana Maria says:

Please, let him go.

Flora Posteschild says:

Aww he already knows about holding a phone up to his ear to talk. So sweet.

MS 남자 says:


Jazz Wooz says:

They are both so adorable!!

MsThickHair says:

He's so cute. :)

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