People Destroy Their Mean Childhood Nicknames

Words can hurt. They can also burst into confetti.

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Emery's Channel says:

They used to call me psycho/weirdo.

The Boba Bandit says:

But venom is so cool and powerful ! I would love to be called that!

TheGirlyTomboy says:

Mine was, and still is, "devil worshipper". It's not really mean though, I take it as a compliment.

Adleigh Honest8537 says:

I think Venom is a cool nickname. Who else?

Turtle Lover says:

Mine was rabbit as I loved carrots and my 2 front teeth were/are long and I have a Darwin's curve which pointed my ear☺️😂😂Geuss what 1-6 graders I love it 🐰🐰🐰

Hailee Ozzy says:

I would all be my friends 😊

Saadiah Rahman says:

And i'd be the idiot to miss the ball while attempting to destroy it and be stuck with my nick name for ever.😊

Sara McNicholas says:

My nickname was Sara-beara and it was originally a nickname my family used for me but then my friends heard it and started saying that to me and they then started saying 'Sara beara with a side of marinara'

Um? What was I supposed to say Again ? says:

My two nicknames are Cry Baby and Giant.

Grace Thompson says:

For the guy who was called venom, that literally broke my heart into pieces but I think u could also look at venom as a sick (the good way) name like he's super strong and one of my favourite villain through my whole childhood, he was real LIT💯💯🔥🔥🔥

ariana garcia says:

My childhood nickname was PolkaDots because I had a lot of beauty marks all over my face.

Lydia Bell says:

actual chills right now watching them smile.

LEGIT SlayedU says:

Mine Is SooNiaYu
But Wtf Is Det😂

Joey Delavega says:

I was j eazy (I grew up on the south side of Chicago)

Booboo 7748 says:

All of these people are sooooo pretty/cute and the girl with blond hair is sooo cute plz be my bff xx

Tae Swanson says:

Yeah mine, believe it or not, is demon potato.

Sherry 8 says:

My nickname was "Bobby" my name is Edward. Idk

Bittersweet says:

if I where in it, when I hit the ball with the bat, once it would hit the floor I would repeatedly stab, and hit it many times till it would turn to dust.

CassieLps :3 says:

If I were them I would miss the ball completely and it would smash on the floor XD

Fire Bird says:

Talia. Talia was my mean nickname. Yeah. I know.

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