Puppy Dog Learns Dog Trick Cross Paws

Seven-month-old Bonnie learns the trick Cross Your Paws. Visit http://loveyourdog.com for lots of free videos and great dog care and training tips. And check out Bonnie the Collie’s blog at http://bonniethecollie.com


Brittney Long Braddy says:

I've been working on this trick for months with my dog and she still doesn't seem to get it – she'll cross her paw over and take it back really fast, I can't seem to get her to hold it crossed. If I don't treat that right away (because I want her to start holding it longer) she gets totally confused and starts pawing at my hand and then she seems frustrated and won't even try to cross it again. She is very smart and picks up everything I've taught her so fast, any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Kristin Crestejo says:

Great video!

rosinha l says:

seems like Bonnie is easy to understand and catch up with ur orders ^^ She is reli a smart doggie^^ i hope my golden retreiver can also do that like Bonnie, buy my dog is always out of my focus and hard to keep concentrate on my gesture and words…>.<

horses4eva3300 says:

Great video!! I want to teach my dog to do it now!!

horses4eva3300 says:

great video!! i want to teach my dog to do it now!!

How to Love Your Dog says:

Thanks, Pam! Bonnie is smart and so full of energy that I'm trying new tricks that I've never done before. It's a lot of fun. She certainly keeps me on my toes!

Pam's Dog Academy says:

Nice job! I love your pup she is so beautiful! I use a post it to teach this, but I love your glove idea! I love learning new ways to teach tricks! 5*s

How to Love Your Dog says:

That will be so much fun! I'm sure you'll be a great trainer. Thanks for the comment!

Jade Woodland says:

Awhh shes really good 🙂 im getting a rough collie soon 🙂 i hope he is as good as Bonnie at learning tricks 😀 and i hope im as good as you at teaching!

HotRodAlley says:

I had a shepard who used to "say his prayers" I would call it he just started to do it one day without using treats so I just started to say to him say your prayers and he would cross his paws, he was a smart fellow lived to be 14 1/2 years old…thanks for sharing i love collies too had one for 13 years she was the smartest dog I ever owned still miss her…

hanyou91 says:

wow good dog!

How to Love Your Dog says:

I'm glad you're enjoying the videos!


another trick to teach misty!

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