dumb vs. smart wiener dog

Saw this on reddit, figured it would be at least worth an experiment in baseline intelligence levels.


kilroy987 says:

Maybe the 'dumb' one is just willing to obey the boundary despite wanting to jump over, and the 'smart' one doesn't care.  It might be more a character difference than difference in intelligence.

Awesomeness Rap says:

im gonna vomit of exitement cuz this video made me eat my fart cheese and now im very happy that i get to eat ur steven freytag

John Paul Gagliano says:

As humorous as this is in the context of dogs, I feel like it's a good metaphor for how anxiety and depression work on our minds.

Destiny Tyler says:

ut u still get a sub now ur at 14.000

Destiny Tyler says:

dont be mean to the dog they dont train the dog ! bad ppl slaps all of them

Bruce Deliso says:

Mabye the """"dumb"""" dog just felt like staying. didn't look as if it wanted to go anywhere


Dumb youtuber

Bubbl3Bubbl3gum says:

You are a fucking moron.

Minyoung Lee says:

my dog breaks bites and teirs things lol

Minyoung Lee says:

omg you have the same black dog thats a duckshunter right? ithink thats a baby one lol

captainunload says:

That first dog reminds me of a Democrat…

Anna Graham says:

if the goal is just to simply leave the box of cans the "dumb" wiener dog fails. Edited: Also the conclusion at the end made me laugh a little to hard.

Brighton Young says:

Thought those were beer cans…… were they?

Brighton Young says:

Move the finger. You bother me.

Adhaincroi Adhaincroi says:

This is more like Obedient dog (stays were placed by adult companion) and Disobedient dog (does as is it pleases) likely the "smart dog " is older and wiser is all.

Olivia says:

These guys obviously love their dogs, you can just tell by the way they speak to their dogs and how they interact with them. There is nothing cruel about this and the dogs seemed pretty fine, the one who didn't get out of the cans seemed to be quite timid and submissive whereas the other dog wasn't afraid of the cans and just hopped right out. It has nothing to do with intelligence or size.

MegamanNT says:

lol. My cousins fully grown Dalmatian was afraid to go over a foot of plywood. She just stood there. XD

Nicole Clark says:

When the dumb hotdog lay down, my first thought was "he's gonna pee." I was not disappointed.

youns charmi says:

it s not of question of intelligence, but a question of caracter

The PC Of POWAHZ says:

I be trapped!

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