German Shepherd Dogs Playing And Protecting Babies Compilation

German Shepherd Dogs Playing And Protecting Babies Compilation
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hadi kobeissi says:

that last one was huge!!!

Narvell Younger says:

hey man. he is the most part, I have been a long way. the first one. the first one. the first one. the first

Lloyd Nix says:

3:40 is fucking creepy that guys voice.

Ellie Mae Barry says:

g/s really are the best breed of dogs loyal & protective

sandora martinson says:

1:19 that was not a baby lol

AWSOME crystals says:

German Shepherds are so sweet

Yasin Rifat says:

awsome dog it's called German shepard 👍👍👍

Mohammed Islem says:

is good baby

seinfeld games says:

GS are gorgeous, gentle breeds and VERY loyal.  Very good with babies and children. They could easily crush or kill a child, but they know they are babies and defenseless and are very gentle and soft with them.  I grew up with two myself!

Veronica Medina says:

I love dogs!

Dylan Pakoti says:

That was so cool to watch

Scherra Rolaine says:

These dogs are very protective.

dfds says:

German Sheperds are archetypes of what a dog should be. They are by nature very intelegent, trusting, protective and usefull. Modern Dogs of today are different and are breed for appearance, aggresiveness or to be pets. German Sheperds are no pets, and are not breed to fight. But they are your friends, helpers and protectors. They are mainly breed for intelegence.

Cvetan Simsic says:

Best friend ever. 🙂 I also have German Shepperd. :)

Stella blue says:

I get that some big notoriously vicious attack dogs can be sweet and gentle…but you wanna take that risk with a 3 month old baby? How do you know the dog doesn't think it's a small animal … ? What if the baby pulled its tail. And if the woman wasn't scared why did she keep saying 'easy easy'.

destincox says:

i like how babies and dogs react so well to each other


awesome clips

derrick daniels says:


Augur Of Ebrietas says:

rip headphone users @ 0:51

Yismeily Mezquita says:

0:55 aw they are bonding by ripping paper 😆

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