Cats Saying “No” to Bath – A Funny Cats In Water Compilation

Check out these funny cats in water freaking out. Cats saying no to bath is so hilarious. So if you want to see a cat saying no to bathing, enjoy these funny videos.


Bigbob086 says:

stupid people, cats dont need a fucking shampoo bath

Pepe_meme says:

it's calling for raul


my pussy just sits still in the bath like a statue, staring, waiting for an escape

Chris says:

Cats are fastidious groomers and don't need to be bathed unless they go outdoors.

Till Geiger says:

wry were they laghing at the cat it was scared

Dean C says:

hey! let me have a word with you if you bath your cat well if you bath your cat then you a stupid bc cats can clean then selfs and why the heck would you clean a cat with water it will scatch you and bite you and make you bleed! and your cat will hate you forever i hate who ever cleans there cat in the bath tub

__ Merzly __ says:

Why don't you people understand cats hate water and they clean themselves it's really mean to the cats if you think of it BTW I've had my cat for 19 years she's never had a problem and I've never made her take a bath

Kraken 4678 says:

can't blame a bark for trying

Peter schnur says:

Lol it's like almost all of em talk

PetLover 404 says:

most people laugh during these videos but I cried because I miss my cat because he died two weeks ago and now I remember his sweet little meow when you picked him up… I miss him…

Aerynn H says:


A Avila says:

this is just sad

Jose Lorenzo says:

so god damn adorable

YamiAlex224 says:

i miss my cat oct 31 2015 2:07 pm had to put her down

Arturo Rodriguez says:

this is soooo funny

Jeffrey Vazquez says:

This is so adorable

Sofia Vestal says:


Tyler McGhee says:


Сияна Първанова says:

хахаха слатко

Yulianna Salinas says:


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