Funny Grumpy Dog Pet Video Compilation 2016

From giving the side-eye to not wanting to get out of bed, these are the grumpiest dogs around.

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Baby Ducks Follow Annoyed Dog


Meri Holland says:

Pugs are so gross…ugh.

Moustache Pug says:

1:47 Me everytime Im hungry

Игралки Рисовалки says:

Шкодные собачата.Лайк!

Nick Hechtel says:

what dog breed is that on 0:47? he looks like my one

GodzillaGuy92 says:

0:59 PTSDog.

Goofy says:

I laughed so much! These are so cute! HAHAGA

echo1094 says:

2:19 me at the gym

Anni Psy says:

1:00 so miserable lol

babserella2778 says:

Those ducklings imprinted on the wrong species. They're gonna grow up with quacks that sound like "WUFF".

Sarah Barton says:

That boxer dog in the shelter is hilarious

Molly S says:

im the dog and thise ducks are my cousins

Molly S says:

Pet Collective should do a swimming dogs complication!!!!! :)

Shani Black says:

those little duck feet moved so fast!

ia allen says:

All of these are my spirit animals

foxgaming landry says:

haha lol XD

Paula Martín Trujillo says:

the dog being followed by the duck made me laugh so harz

godlike says:

2:02 Basically me every morning.

Elaine Warren says:

These are the best!

iluvyurbles says:

the last one
Ducklings: Mommy!
Dog: I'm not your mom!

Kakunkeittaja says:

Never seen a grumpier puppy

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