Funny Ditzy Dogs Pet Video Compilation 2016

From failing to catch a treat, to playing with an imaginary pond on an iPad, these clips capture dogs at some of their ditziest moments.

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Original Links:
Confused Dog Tries to Find Puppies on Computer Screen
Chihuahua Dog Tries to Get Toy
Dog Falls into Water Jumping for Toy
Dog Confused by Open Glass Door
Dog Tries to Catch Swiffer Duster
Chihuahua Can’t Open Door
Cocker Spaniel Can’t Figure out How to Get Ball from Chair
Dog Startled by Reflection Staring Back at Him
Dog Can’t Get Stick Through Gap
Dog Fails to Get Last Piece of Pizza
Guy Tricks Dog with Toy and Grabs Him
Dog Barks at Windshield Wipers
Dog Tries to Fit Bone through Doggy Door
Dog Can’t Grab Ball in Water
Dog vs. Food
French Bulldog Playing on iPad Pond
Dog Catching Treats
Dog Wants to Eat Peanut


Raigh DarkHawk says:

The dog that was too stupid to realize the door was OPEN! lol

Adrienne Linto says:

Lol I love all of your videos

mbear1 says:

A wagging dog with a big stick trying to go thru a door is always funny.

Nathan Kubinec says:

all of thee animals are STUPID :]

Jarecki says:

0:58 Are you driving with left hand?

Arianaml9 says:

Lol the last one was me trying to get food off the top shelf

Amber Stotelmyer says:

Omg, the dog at 2:23 trying to find the puppies in the computer! My dog does too lol. Only my dog also does it with kittens, cats, and foxes lmao

Brad Fitz says:

I have my 2 pups trying to find the other puppies they hear on my phone right now…I like these vids you guys put up…I'll never understand people tho…why the dislikes? what exactly is there to dislike about a video like this?

Azuleé Iñaki says:

1:08 ohhhh geez 😄 LOL

Khanites 101 says:

0:41 what breed of dog is this

FastEasyLifeTips says:

10th video is miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiince

Denise Sayer says:

Hi Pet Collective !! Even though these dogs are ditzy they are so cute.Have a great weekend guys !! Lol from Denise your No1fan in the UK.🐩🐶🐕😊✌🐾🐾

Milo says:

cool! please check it out my channel

pedro henrique Corcino says:

ai que lindinho

B Bonica says:

The dog in 1:41 probably ran into the glass one too many times lol.

Somerandomgirl says:

I have a cat sleeping next to me while watching this… BETRAYAL!!!

BeTeddy says:

1:55 BEST

JigPlaysMC says:

0:50 Yo, im usually not the one to say if anythings to bad. but THAT. Thats is very dangerous, when a dog is hyper, and that close to all the buttons and controls on a car…. Im suprised they are all not dead

lMineCatl says:

Nice video as always

Connor Fahs says:

the music is so weird

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