Dog sits like human, watches videos on laptop

Bet you have never seen a dog sit like a human before! Watch as Chiko the Shiba inu enjoys a few of his favorite videos while surfing his owner’s laptop. Priceless!

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Robert Avila says:

what is this song called?

Christopher Tradeshow says:

Can I use a clip of this for a video? I'll give you credit and I'll put the link in the description. Thank you

Psalm 40 says:

Well this sure made me smile so thank you!

Authentic Cheese says:

They're evolving!!

jompelis midi says:

Let him watch porn man!

• Arman • says:

the cuteness

Ice Queen says:

Oh my god, he is so cute!

# ACGM says:

le zap direct star

Jeda Diea says:

silly doge waht are u doing haha

truboy trell says:

first before it blows

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