AWOLNATION ‘Sail’ and Funny Dogs

Here’s my Awolnation compilation for the Dogs. If you haven’t seen the Cat version yet just click below!

All credits go to there perspective owners. Big props to Devin Super Tramps slowmotion video i used at the end. Check out his channel for more awesome videos.



John Henderson says:

Dude that dogs broke it's leg when it jumped out

Krystal Hinojosa says:

2:43 omg that's so cute I'm gonna do that with my dogs one day!!!!!

Krystal Hinojosa says:

funny part is 1:22 is a funny part poor dog who jump out of the window. :0

skabeatgirl says:

yea, that's not funny

skabeatgirl says:

yea, that's not funny

Ian Hoover says:

yeah OMG

крутые архитекторы says:

Просто русскоязычный комментарий, продолжайте)

Deadskull 275 says:

I disliked really

Deadskull 275 says:

1 probably got killed from shark WHY did you SHOW this

Deadskull 275 says:

Y do dis

Wonder Wolf says:

dogs will do anything to get that gosh darn ball

Mats Byström says:

god work with camera

Steffen AMMANN says:

doood, that dog in 1.34 wanted sushi!

Aleeta Welch says:

Are these your babies? The gray one went into a pose that looked just like that poster that says "invisible bike." These sweeties are awesome. I can't get enough of them. Need new videos with the same players.

Zigoton (Hyenasaurus) says:

This was less funny dogs and more a demonstration of why dogs are awesome.

and i'm a cat person

Sandra Henriksson says:

0:52 "This is how I show my love" The other cat looks like it's fucking the other cat

Christopher Beam Beam says:

funny when the cat got on the other cat and humped


not as funny as cats

Aiko Dawg says:

2:55 that floating dogs eyes are like: PLZ HALP WUT IS GOIN ON?!?!

Leafer Jack says:

22k likes in cat version

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