Funny dog bloopers

ChappyShowcase presents a comedic film starring mans best freind. 26 dogs are in this k9 blooper video.

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SistahPlinky says:

sooo cute:)

Josue Alfaro says:

nice video man keep it up !! 🙂

gmakwa says:

Hi I really enjoyed your video. I have dog related videos myself, LOL my video making skills are getting better. Thanks for the Video

Lauren Sanchez says:

I love it! You did a great job mattchapman!

matttchapman says:

@UncleRonski Thanks man.

UncleRonski says:

just like are dogs rip all the toys apart……. cute

matttchapman says:

@Stumperific Thanks!

Stumperific says:

1:50 and Murphy just standing there the whole time are the funniest things in here, but the whole video is very well done! NJNJ!

Gaypuppetbomber says:

Omg Murphy, you made my day XD

ps3mastermatty says:

LOL that was funny

matttchapman says:

I was curious to see how having a different name would effect the viewership count

Nikos Gakios Frappes says:

Hilarious dog bloopers and Funny dog bloopers are the same video… why 2 same videos on youtube?

haverf says:

1. cover your mouth with your hands
2.make a wish into it
3.close your hand ( into a fist)
4.hold your hand (the fist) to your heart for 5 seconds
5.send this to 3 more videos
6.tommorw will be the best day of your life

matttchapman says:

you nailed it on the head

matttchapman says:

Glad you enjoyed!

satsuki26 says:

Murphy is hilarious, I'm still laughing

FunnyBugger24 says:

I love dogs!! I have a little sausage dog, and he is the best friend in the WHOLE WORLD!!!

rhondaanthonytanner says:

Aww too cute yo!!♥–Hugz and Fireworks–♥ Brittani aka Rhonda Anthony Tanner/R.A.T. Coaching aka B-RAT 🙂

matttchapman says:

Chapman Digital has lots of animal films. Subscribe so you won't miss any in the future. Glad you like Murhpy!

Furrynerd says:

Hahahaha! I love dogs. Soo much better than cats.
Murphy was hilarious!

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