Dog-Gone Fun

Make sure to also see the bloopers from this video, also posted on my youtube site. The bloopers are even funnier than this one. My doggie takes me for a spin in my chair.


Frosty Life says:

We do have far too much fun around here hahahaha. I have not seen this one for a while either, and now watching it again and laughing my fool butt off

venniey says:

Just found this. Laughing till my chest hurt. SILLY!!! Going to look for the bloopers.

Frosty Life says:

If I made one persons day better then it is all worth while for sure.

Katie Himrof says:

Me too! Upbeat and friendly in an often anonymous, cyber-nasty/mean world. There's not enough ppl like you in this world, word.

Frosty Life says:

I have more videos you might like

craigggo22 says:

i really love your videos
they made my day 10 times better!
thanks for the video

doublekspartans says:

did you say youtubealonyins? weird… but then again we all are!

Aviolys says:

I think im gonna try this game with my dog :P(with chair)

Frosty Life says:

LMAO yaaa, that is true. Thanks for watching.

KFFrock says:

It's like you're a science teacher conducting a science experiment! (: "we need a dog, a dude, a Snausage, and a chair and we're going to make energy…."

ryan ryans says:

wow that was a ok dog but my dog is better

Frosty Life says:

she got several treats, then she got gassy

juju58 says:

I hope she got her treat after all that!!

Frosty Life says:

Oh, she is Lucy. Idol Auditions are done and they didnt pick Kallie which is about what we expected with over 70000 people auditioning. That is ok though.

Kerrie Bennett says:

You didn't mention the doggy's name? Ps. good luck to your daughter on the American idol auditions.

Frosty Life says:

LOL I should try that. I think she might like it. Thanks for the comment.

Kerrie Bennett says:

ha ha ha ! how funny, and what a lovely doggy. We swing with our dog, but she sits on our lap. she loves it.
Whats her name?

Tiffany Doepke says:

your family and dog are all very lucky to have you, you're so fun and seem like such a sweetie all dog love snausages, such fun videos too, they make me laugh

0Dist says:

Damn, you need to post more dog vids!

Frosty Life says:

Yup, she got a couple of treats that day, and one more each time she gets a nice comment on here. Thank you. Hey, if you want to see her steal a treat from my hand, watch my bloopers outtakes video…it is funny. Thanks

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