Funny Dog Logic Pet Video Compilation 2016

From thinking a fish in a kid’s pool is real to chasing after a snowball, get an inside look at a dog’s thought process.

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Holly Matheson says:

Like= Cat lover
Comment= Dog lover
Sub= Other

Psychedelic Fox says:

Music in the last video with the rat?

Monica Dharmadhikari says:

such cute dog logic videos! loved it!

Lucas o gato mais gato Apresenta says:

Oi, tudo bem se inscreve no meu canal já sou inscrita no seu 😃 😀

Captain SAS says:

I loved the dog th at picked it's own toy

Brad Fitz says:

haha..great vid.. 1:15 I reckon is a version of puppy heaven..

Neko - tan says:


RDT 10 says:

Next is cat logic please! This channel is the reason why my day is always full and happy 🤗 More power!

Ta'Lisa Turner-Pitts says:

the dog who wouldn't walk past the pineapple is my fave lol

Cala a Boca Amanda says:


sicilly jesel says:

tsk tsk,😵😵😵

Jakomi of the Rose says:

Here I thought dogs were smart…

Trista Carawan says:

The dogs were soooo cute!😍😍

Logan Colon says:

one of your best and funniest videos! keep it up!

Anthony Kracke says:

#catmasterrace 😅

Galassia di Andromeda says:

After "cats are afraid of cucumbers" comes the meme "dog's are afraid of pineapples", hihihi :)

FUNNYvideos de risa says:

extreme loveliness 😎

Nick M says:

The dog picking her own toy was too cute.

K-9s Fur Life says:


Enjycutegirl14 says:

3:28 bratayleys house!

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