Amazing Dog vs Water Puppy Pet Video Compilation 2016

From puppies playing in a fountain, to dogs barking at water bottles, these pets are pretty adorable when it comes to interacting with water.

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Dramatic dog taking a bath
Corgi flops into lake to fetch tennis ball
Dog plays in fountain
Dog learns to swim
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Dog takes a bath in water fountain
Dog splashes around in water
Dog can’t grab ball in water
Dog tries biting water from hose
Dog knocks over bucket of water
Dogs fill up kiddie pool on a hot day
Dog falls into lake
Dog plays around in fountain
Yellow lab fills up kiddie pool with water
Bulldog Puppy Barks at Water Bottle


Vol Tron says:

Last scene…Almost die laughing…hahahahahahahahahaha

Ally S (Incinera) says:

1:51 2 smart cookies, they know how to fill their pool :)

KailaTheCovertOne says:

The video barely started and I already love it!

William Alpha says:

1:15 is the funniest thing I have ever seen.

Julien Ahlert says:

What a kind of Dog is the 2nd dog?

Insert Channel Name says:

666th liker

Shalihanna Photography says:

the last one 😂😂😂😂

Kyle Broflovski says:

2:15 feel bad for doge, he doesn't get any water now ;(

AwkwardDinosaur says:

So many cogis I LOVE IT

Amanpreet Kaur says:

the last one though😝😂😂…he WS in sch a dilemma…😝

werszo1259 says:

Last are the Best XD

sunshifruit yay says:

what is the song playing in the background ? 😀 in the ending of the video

Davey van den Bos says:

am i the only dud around here?

Galassia di Andromeda says:

0:55 boy, will that dog sleep tonight :D

Kyle TheKiddo says:

awwwh the corgi ;-;

sakura -g- says:


Carryotter says:

The last Clip xD so nice!

Zambogerami says:

Meanwhile hundred of children in africa die of thirst…
XD just kidding. (Im kidding with my not serious comment, the topic itself is something completly different)

MasiFalasi says:

Looks like Grumpy Cat disliked this video.

chocozuma says:


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