Top 10 Cutest Dogs

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Top 10 Cutest Dogs. You will see the top ten cutest dogs to walk the planet. The video shows pictures and videos of each dog.

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Music by: Dan O Songs
Song: Climb to Elara

10. Great Dane
9. German Shepherd
8. Tosa Inu
7. Boxer
6. Husky
5. Brussels Griffon
4. Pug
3. English Bulldog
2. Shih Tzu
1. Yorkie


Kera Victoria says:

I have a teacup chihuahua and she's so tiny and the cutest thing in the world. all the dogs on here were cute too😍

Bay Area says:

i have a pug

Bryson Clinger says:

What about a cockapoo

shane velvet Gamerz says:

why no poodle

Hamoodx5gamer 1 says:

were is the golden retriever it's on of the best dogs

iiRainySunshine says:

#1 Poochon

Cindy Von WIELLIGH says:

I can't make up my mind so I am going to pic my dog I have always wanted al of them BUT NUMBER 1

im in the 4th dimension please help says:

the 4 firts are also the m!ost loyal

PoviPovi_ says:

Does anyone have a pug? <3 <3

camila alba says:

aww there so cute I even have a husky dog too

bluesz xpompa says:

Sorry guys but pugs for the win


what about a chihuahua????

Shadowk947 KiloRampage says:

If you like beagles like this

The editing Girl says:

What about labs

EH's Page says:

jack russell terrier or a beagle?

Anakin Skywalker says:

1# Labrador Retriever

joan araneta says:

we have two english bulldogs and 1 french bulldog

some say they look ugly but for me they are so cute specialy when they are looking at you begging for food goshhhh so cute

kaylinn Marrero (bxlizzyliz) says:


Richar vasquez says:

I have a husky you can see him in the picture sleeping

Richar vasquez says:

English bull dogs aren't even 1 out of 1000% cute

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