Pitbulls Acting Cute – Funny Pitbull Videos Compilation


Beerrunner81 says:

This is the kind of Pit I see every day. Mine. And the people at the park see this too. I'm bound and determent to change the hating mind. One at a time. I did have a run in with a very nasty Chihuahua the other day. This dog was trying to bite me. My Pit was with me and did nothing. Pit 1 Chihuahua 0

REGSHAR1972 says:

Some pits bulls are nice some aren't

Arwen Elliott says:

wow good video

Aliyah Mariel Ramile says:

cute dog and cat :D

ITZ Hunter - Critical Ops and more says:

just made this channel I duno y

Fernando Azevedo says:


N.R. Kibernetik says:

please record your duck! ITS SO CUTE DUCK!!!!
record it or i don`t sub to ur channel :C!

jdh023 says:

Pits are why they invented the words love, devotion and family.

Hyper Sloth says:

pis are the sweetest!

Tash Sidhu says:

From 00:1 to 0:17
"yeah this one look delicious"

Paul Colceriu says:

Deci…esti roman?

Erica Boyer says:

pittbulls. are. just. friendly. dogs

Papayarx87 says:

i am muslim and i find this offensive

Amani TV says:

I was looking for this

Daus grodot says:

i'm Subscribe your Channel mihaifrancu :)

Daus grodot says:

where is the duck mihaifrancu?

bleachfanbk says:

That last one, you can tell who the dog liked the most. So cute.

native Portland says:

Please watch "Pitbulls and Parolees" on Animal Planet. This program is the reason I rescued my pitty. I have had her for almost two years and she has never barked. She is scared to death of people until she knows them. Loves other dogs and cats.

johnny says:

I believe that dogs of any breed are only as good as their owners.

Destanie Lamon says:

pitbulls are nothing but sweethearts. unless you raise them otherwise.

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