Intelligent Dog Trick! (Must-See German Shepherd)


Meerah Devi Jusrut says:

Too cool,if everyone will know about this trick,the dogs will get a chance to express or share their emotions or atitude

ParamountProdigy says:

Wow so amazing, this is like the most amazing dog trick ever. Such practical purposes too, jesus such a fucking fake title

Pallab Das (EvilShadow) says:

HI everyone I have adopted an Indian mongrel he is 2 years old very playfull , he trusts me, and listen to me but not always, he never sit by comand , but by treat and he eats the treat he stands up why?

OwGosHh says:

awww  , how do you teach your dog this 

Kathy Jenson says:

Awesome I will try this with my shepard. We live in a small first floor condo and I taught him to go right for the kitchen in bad weather and I wiped his paws because  taught him to give me his "paw" but this would be great if he could do it himself!

horsedreamr4life says:

awww lol

Bella Maltese says:

How i can teach my dog to jump in my arms? 

Ebri says:

Beautiful dog! Perfection of a dog!

firas471 says:

Siembra Orgashit
i swear you r the ugly

Siembra Orgánica says:

Ugly dog…

Aubrey Hewett-Hicks says:

they definitely assisted in the military and war, I'm not sure about actually killing people though.

Ezeani Stephanie says:

Meenn… i luv dis, plz can u hlp me with mine?

sunita rana says:

Sooooo sweet….:)

Alyssa Shi says:

Well that's your opinion. 🙂

rorschachh says:

is it true the german shepherds killed the jews in ww2 ?

Raunak Stha says:

hey if u wanna see my 3 month old gsd puppy solving maths problems plz check out my channel..u ll enjoy 😀

rosewell1983 says:

dog was taunting the video camera

Irvin Guerrero says:

How did u make him do that??

Romina Silva says:

Lol adorable

mila lps says:

Cuuuuuuuuuuuute 😀

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