Its the Funniest video clip of a Baby monkey and his dog friend.The baby monkey is very playful and always keep himself busy in playing and annoying the dogs.My Dogs are too cute and friendly [More]
This is a compilation about little cute puppies discovering the World! And if you want to discover the World, you have to learn how to walk, see reflection in the mirror, learn how to eat, [More]
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Well, all dogs are not so smart. Of course accidents and fails happen from time to time but… trying to carry bigger stick than yourself, mud bath, trying to go through glass,…? Some dogs are [More]
When summer comes my dog already knows how to give yourself a nice cold shower. This is my dog taking a shower in our backyard. My dog loves taking a shower.
A Border Collie, a Terrier and a Chihuahua demo the most amazing double dog tricks. Subscribe to this channel for Free Dog Trick and Behavior Videos! Check out our website where the free videos are [More]
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. . . . . Funny cats annoying dogs – Cute animal compilation, Dogs and cats meeting for the first time – Cute and funny dog & cat compilation, Cats and Dogs Supercute, ‘Cats and [More]
Funny Dogs – Funny Cat Videos – Cats Stealing Dog Beds – 2015 Make sure you check out the Kitten Spying on Dog video 🙂 Let me know what you think by commenting and [More]
wild dog attack best collections The african wild dog or Prairie dog (Lycaon pictus) is a carnivorous mammal of the Canidae family.[2] It has a wide distribution in Africa. wild dogs attack, wild dog attack [More]
[TOP]Not all dogs hate baths / Pitbull Dog loves a bath / Vine [2015] This puppy doesnt like baths; he prefers showers! He puts his head under the sink and ensures he gets every part [More]
My dog will growl and hiss and make wierd sounds but he won’t bite me. He knows whats up.
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Watch these funny dog videos and try not to laugh. These dog fails of funny dogs jumping are just hilarious. Double Polka by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (…) Source: [More]
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WIDESCREEN!!! This is a quick video tutorial on how to teach weaving through the legs using luring or shaping. Einstein demos how fast a dog can pick this trick up. The footage is almost in [More]

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